Dental Implants Problems

Dental implants are made from a titanium screw that it fitted directly into the jaw bone and is measured for the individual patients mouth. Titanium has been found to be the best fitting material for this purpose after much research as it is well accepted by the jaw bone. Then there is the implant abutment which holds the crown the the the titanium screw. This is then topped off by the crown which acts as the replaced tooth made out of porcelain. Porcelain is very similar to natural teeth and will act like a natural tooth. If you brush it and floss it well then it will remain healthy and sturdy.

The usual tooth replacing procedure that comes to mind are dentures, you picture nana or grandad spitting them across the table as they blow out their 90th birthday candles. But this couldn’t be further away from the reality of it. At the end of the day, all people loose teeth, it relies on how well you look after your mouth and teeth but also, accidents can happen resulting in the need to replace a tooth. This is why dentist experts have produced multiple procedures that replace teeth, that can appeal to anyone of any age.

Dentures and dental bridges are old school. Dentures can move around in the mouth which can result in the wearing away of the gum that can cause infection and pain. Also they just simply don’t give you the confidence you need in the restoration of your mouth. You’ll always be thinking, every time you eat something, speak or even smile that your teeth might move! Bridges are no better, they rely on the support of surrounding teeth which can result in the break down and eventually loss of those teeth as well, it if a vicious cycle that will clear your mouth. This is where dental implants come in.

Implants are suitable for all people of all ages and strengths. Many people doubt they are “fit” enough to undergo surgery. This is of course fair enough however the jaw bone is stronger than you think. The oldest recorded person to have undergone the procedure was in their 80s and the youngest was 15! Bone grafting also helps which the strengthening of the implant. This is where they take bone which matches yours and place it around the implant to help the titanium and the jaw fuse together and stay in place.

Implants are efficient because they’re self-supporting. They stand strong in the roots of your gums and don’t require support from surrounding teeth. They are measured to fit the exact position of the tooth they are replacing and will act as an identical match. Dental implants won’t need replacing unlike dentures or bridges. You are good for life once you’ve finished your surgical process and won’t have to think twice when eating, drinking, laughing, talking or smiling again.

Although dental implants are the most advanced tooth restoration procedure avalible for missing teeth the surgery does not come without it’s risks and problems. it is not uncommon for dental implants to become problematic or even fail. A lot depends on the skill of your implant dentist and them making sure you are fit for surgery to begin with. to find out more about dental implant problems